Design is always challenging, that's why we treat every project we've done as a valuable experience to achieve better outcome in the future. Getting better is something we'll never stop.

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Pada awal mula Jotter dibentuk, saya bersama co-founder saya Fifi Xu, memimpikan Jotter akan bisa menjadi bagian penting dari sejarah industri kreatif di Indonesia. Meski di masa itu profesi artist/desainer masih dianggap remeh dan bukan pekerjaan serius, kami tetap optimis bahwa industri yang berbasiskan seni dan desain ini akan terus berkembang pesat. Pelaku-pelaku kreatif akan […]

Platform : Facebook, PHP Game : text based RPG For online game players, there are some words that you’ve probably been familiar with in your daily gaming activity. “Please vote my avatar!”, a phrase from one of the player from the game while showing off his custom avatar. I’d like to share with you about […]

Platform : Facebook, PHP Game : text based RPG About Ambrosia Ambrosia is a text based RPG on Facebook similar to Mafia Wars developed by ChiliJump in 2010-2011. It got lots of features like customizable avatar system, staged quests system, 3 player classes with different roles-skills-quest routes, evolving land/properties and open-trade market. Jotter was entrusted […]

Hello ! This is our section to talk about our past projects, how we develop design, game art and general visual for many kind of theme, genre, and gameplay for our client developers and our own Intellectual Properties. Please browse around, and leave some comment or question if you’d like. We’ll try our best to […]