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Platform : Facebook, PHP
Game : text based RPG

Ambrosia Part #1

Ambrosia has been one of our most dedicated project in term of Art creation. The concept was brought wonderfully by the developer and somewhat match really well with our creative imagination. There are customizable avatars with different jobs, beautiful background header images, lots of room for creativity !

~ Fifi Xu, Art Director & Lead Artist for the project.

About Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a text based RPG on Facebook similar to Mafia Wars developed by ChiliJump in 2010-2011. It got lots of features like customizable avatar system, staged quests system, 3 player classes with different roles-skills-quest routes, evolving land/properties and open-trade market. Jotter was entrusted with all of the visual development for this game. We design, concept and execute all of the assets of this game.

The client’s idea was to take Ambrosia as a whole theme to the game. It’s from a Greek legend about food (which in our concept was defined as a fruit) that can make human immortal/godlike.

Our Concept

We set up the game’s setting as a place where Mediterranean and Italian cultures meet. We added a little bit of inexistent fantasy touch to make the design and all architectures unique to this game title. This ‘outcome’ theme was reflected in the background story, characters, costume design, props design and everything all around.

The Challenge

It’s pretty challenging to balance how we can keep including the Mediterranean and Italian cultures but not too much that it’ll become a direct copy from the real thing. But we must not make the design too much fantasy either.

What We Love About this Project

We can experiment on how we can make the ethnical design look pop, new and modern. There are lots of room for creativity.

Header Images : Environment Backgrounds

Design + Production Process

Background header images for Ambrosia were designed and produced collaboratively by more than 4 artists.

Our digital painters were in charged of integrating the whole look of the game. They were required to make all of the artworks in the game looked uniform in terms of visual style and color schemes.

Please see below, this is how we usually do the environment artworks how the creative process like from thumb/rough to final.

Thumbnails/Rough Sketches

At the beginning, the developer gave us briefs and descriptions then we started making these rough sketches.

Our lead artist finalized the first 2 artworks which became the standard for all other artworks.

A shopping lane

A market

A storage room

Color/Digital Painting

All artists involved must pay attention to the standard artwork reference that was provided by the Lead Artist and make sure not to stray from there in terms of design and theme, because we need a uniform look all across the game.

Here are the final artworks.


Each headers was later been added some life signs by integrating animated objects, such like flying birds, swinging hanging lamps, glowing candle, etc.

I guess, that’s all for Part 1. Hopefully this is informative enough.
It was really fun painting all these environments.
We’ll share more about other kind of artworks/assets we made on next parts of the Archive.

Cheers !

This archive is written by Fifi Xu, edited by Jun.
All images, designs, graphics are copyrighted to our respective clients. Please do not use without explicit permission from Jotter Production and developer. 
Ambrosia, game and design are copyrighted to ChiliJump, 2010-2011. 


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