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Platform : Facebook, PHP
Game : text based RPG

Ambrosia Part #2

For online game players, there are some words that you’ve probably been familiar with in your daily gaming activity. “Please vote my avatar!”, a phrase from one of the player from the game while showing off his custom avatar. I’d like to share with you about the things we need to create and solve to make these avatar system a success, at least less error when being played.

For this topic, I would like to highlight on the game Ambrosia. You might remember this game, a Facebook game that was designed and built by our team in ChiliJump and Jotter Production.

Ambrosia game enables players to make their own unique avatars based on the job they chose. This helps players to be more absorbed to the game as they can have their own imaginary character.


Character & Avatar

Our Concept

Ambrosia character design was inspired by a combination of Asian style and a bit of European face. We tried to make them look commercial but not too mainstream.
One of the challenges from this project was that we learned to make separated costumes for avatars while we have to be aware that every costumes must fit with every different jobs. There were 3 job types for characters, which were hunter, alchemist and cook.

Avatar Designs

Job : Apprentice

Each player started as an Apprentice to learn the rule of the world, where they need to do basic hunting, basic skill learning, trading, and to have a passive income.

image05 image07

Apprentice character was designed the earliest, so we were to decide the style used in this phase, including the look on the avatar that will be the base for all other jobs.

Here’s the trick !

When the artist designed this avatar, we found out that all of them has to have the same body and proportion for 2 dimensional avatar. There was no difference in height and proportion between male and female avatar. This way all of the costumes that were made can be worn by both genders and all jobs, which gave players more freedom to customize their own looks.

These are the Avatar base for Ambrosia we’d come up with :

And so the rest of the avatar jobs followed the same rule we’ve set up.

Once the player has fulfilled all requirements, he/she can change job into three kind of jobs with different abilities.

Job : Hunter

Job : Alchemist

Job : Cook


Uh-oh, We Got a Problem !

While creating the costumes for these avatar, we met another problem.
Since the developer used layers to determine which costume part should be placed on top and which should be at the bottom, some glitches came out.


Pants’ layer was placed on top of footgear layer.

Thus we realized that some parts needed limitations on design.
We limit the design for the footgear so that they must not be bigger than the pants. There are some other parts too that we limit because of this issue.


Limitation on design was applied.

Last Words

We learned a lot from creating this game assets. There were tons of costume sets we have made for Ambrosia and were all very iconic and attractive. Many talented artists from Jotter were involved during this avatar design creation, making them very unique type of costume interpretation.

I guess, that’s all for Part 2. Hopefully this is informative enough.
It was a really fun creating the avatars.
We’ll share more about other kind of artworks/assets we made on next parts of the Archive.

Cheers !


The Avatar and Character assets were impossible without the involvement from all members of the team.

Thanks to those who had participated in this parts:

Fifi Xu | Xing Jun Long | Dira Ghana | Anastasia Haleyana | Michele Sawa | Fredy Siloy | Yusuf Irwandi | Julianto K. | Rudi Indra | Evan Surya Nugraha | Roy Ardianto | Nelly Agusta | Jeffin Andria

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