About Us

We Exist to Create, Entertain, and Inspire

Jotter Production is a boutique style-Art Production service for game development. Capable for developing general visual arts, our service ranges from Concept Design all the way to full Assets Production.

Jotter Production has been in the business since late 2005. Throughout all these years, we have been collaborating with noteworthy international vendors, publishers and developers, mostly the social and mobile game developers.

We are very suitable to be involved in medium to big projects because with our considerable size of team, we’re fast, nimble and cost effective.

 Why Us ?

We do realize that with more and more developers jumping on the social/mobile market, standing out is becoming more difficult. To stand out, developers must build great games that have engaging experiences from the beginning to the end of the game. We believe that visual art plays a big part in building that great experiences.

Jotter Production’s goal has always been to help creating the most standing out and without doubt engaging visual for every player and the whole audience.

We believe that all artworks presented on the eyes of the players must be enticing, cool, beautiful and just- works.

We take our pride for being a part of the world of entertainment. A world where making people happy is the very core of the business. We are happy to make other people happy. Thus, great service is one of our important priorities.

And we also love the media we’re working on. Children books, posters, games, animations are our favorite entertainments.


Services Summary

We’re able to develop multiple IP/projects at the same time.

  • Concept Design
  • General Visual Arts Development
  • 2D Assets Production (Still & Animated)
    • Character
    • Environment
    • Props

Who Hire Us

  • Book Publisher 10%

  • Game Developer 100%

  • Marketing 55%

  • Author/Producer 35%

  • Animation Studio 25%


What We Do

  • Children Storybook 20%

  • Game Assets 100%

  • Promotional Art/Illustration 75%

  • IP development 70%

  • Animation Pre-Production 25%

Supported Platforms

We’re platform agnostic by nature
but we’re most experienced in :

  • Mobile : iOS
  • Web : Facebook, Flash


A little bit of Our Story

Jotter Production was founded and established at the end of 2005 by Fifi Xu and Xing Jun Long. Started from only comic and illustration projects, Jotter has grown to serve many other kind of graphic projects, such as : children storybook, animation pre-production, trading card game, flash game, browser game, social and mobile game where later on Jotter focus on these game areas. It was since 2009 that we’ve mostly focused our service on character design, illustration, and game sprites.

In the future, while expanding Game Art Production as its core business, Jotter is also looking forward to other possible development in other kind of entertainment media. The medium shall not limit our creativity and passion to keep creating amazing art to entertain and inspire many people in the world.

Our Past Clients


Green Patch Inc./Playdom


Wise Wave Co. Ltd.


edge entertainment



Funverse Inc.

Empty Clip Studios

Digital Chocolate

Caravan Studio

Toge Production

PT Strategi Integra Optima

Blackline Comics

Menara Games

Imaginary Friends Studio

Fresbo Pte. Ltd.


ArtLogic Games

...many more

Here are some of what our Clients said about us

“Working with JotterPro has been an outstanding experience.
They were very responsive and worked closely together with us to achieve our vision.
Their resources are creative and imaginative, while at the same time adapted to our artistic direction very well.
I was also quite pleased with their productivity.”

~ Joseph Lui, uBoost.com

‎”Check out the wonderful character artwork Jotter Pro provided for the frontpage of RemnantKnights.com. Thanks, JP guys and gals, their art is gorgeous! ”

~ Ann, GameSamba

[2012-08-08 Jotter Production is mentioned in Anime News Network, the #1 English language source for anime and manga news on the Internet, for our work on Remnant Knights – game from GameSamba !

Who’s the artist behind the game’s promotional art? Has he or she done any other work in comics, games, or animation?
We’ve used a few artists for the promotional art but most of the art in our recent ads was created by Jotter Productions, under the direction of our creative director Michael Lau.”]

Yes ! We are looking for Interns and Partners In Passion

BERGABUNG BERSAMA KAMI! If you think you got what it takes.